5 Tips for a Better Pageant Interview

5 tips for a better pageant interview


Pageant Interview is where a pageant is won or lost.  It's how you connect with the judges, how you share your story, and how they remember you, so that they look for you on stage. 

Check out these 5 tips for a Better Pageant Interview!



1. "Find your Why."   Finding the "why" behind your message can be tough.  Most people talk about the "what" and the "how" but rarely share the true "why" behind their message...why they want to win, why they are passionate about what they are passionate about, why they going through this process, why they should be chosen.  I encourage you to evaluate your "why" in an even deeper way.  Ask yourself the questions above, and keep asking yourself "why?"  Why do you love the cause that you do?  Why is it something that you feel so passionate about?  Why is it important to you?  For every answer you come up with, ask yourself the follow-up question of "why did I answer it this way?"  And dig deeper into the real core of your "why.

2. Non-Verbal Communication.    93% of communication is non-verbal.  It is your presence in the room, your body language, and how other's "experience" you.  It is your posture, your tone of voice, your eye contact, what your hands are doing, your body position, and more! Only 7% of communication is actually the words that you say.  I encourage you to practice answering interview questions, and when you do, video yourself.  This will give you a glimpse about the 93% of how you are communicating your message.  Evaluate how your posture looks, notice where your eyes go when you are recalling a memory, what are your hands doing? What is your body saying about the message you are sharing with the judges?  Is your posture up and open and outward or are you slouching with a more closed off posture and body position?  

3. Mirroring - Our body contains these awesome little things called "mirror-neurons."  What these little things do is mirror the world around us, and the people we are around.  Have you ever been around someone that was nervous, and all of a sudden, you started to feel nervous too?  That's what mirror-neurons do.  The interesting part about understanding this part of how these can help in pageant interview, is that we naturally like others that are like us.  We like it when we have things in common with another person.  It creates a subconscious connection to them and leaves us "feeling" good about them.  Mirroring is a great way to create a subconscious connection  with the judges.  When you breathe the same say they breathe, or when you talk the same speed as they talk, or when you lean in if they lean in or lean back when they lean back, it send a subconscious signal to the judges that you are like them, and they like that!

4. Describing Yourself in a Unique Way -  There is no shortage of "passionate," "driven," "service oriented," "kind" pageant contestants.  These qualities and characteristics are great to have, but finding a unique way to represent the qualities you have, without saying the cookie-cutter answer of "I'm passionate" when a judge asks you about your qualities, or to tell them about you, or what makes you different than the other contestants.  Finding a unique way to describe yourself can be a tricky task, but it is well worth the brain-storming.  One of the words that I use to describe myself is "a rebel."  This creates intrigue with the judge, it stands out, and it speaks to a deeper part of their heart that shows that it sets me apart.  "I am a rebel because I was born to stand out. i do things different than the status quo.  I used to think "standing out" and "being different" was a bad thing, until I realized that my unique God given qualities are supposed to stand out from the crowd."  Now I have given them a message that "I stand out from the other contestants" and it speaks to a deeper part of their soul that also gives them permission to feel different than others as well (which, most of us do, and this reassurance feels great).  Now it's your turn to find unique ways to describe yourself!

5. Story-Telling - learning the art of telling a good story is key when it comes to having a good interview.  When sharing a story about yourself, I suggest using an "answer sandwich."  If you imagine a sandwich, bread-meat-bread, do that in your interview.  The first piece of bread is the answer to their question.  The meat of the answer is your story and the other piece of bread is the answer to their question again.  The meat of the answer is where your story comes in.  This is where you share why you answered the way that you did, and the lesson you learned that brought you to that answer.  Stories are how we, as human beings, connect on a deeper level.  Sure, stats and figures are good, but it's a story that will tug at someone's heart and will allow that person to make a connection with you.  Telling a story allows the person listening to the story to utilize the part of their brain that controls emotion.  Learn to be a good story teller and use the "answer sandwich" within your interview!

Now that you have these 5 tips, we encourage you to practice them and implement them within your pageant prep.  

We wish you the BEST of luck and if there is ever anything we can do, please don't hesitate to ask! We are here for you, for your message, and to come along side you, in your mission because we believe you are here for just a time as this.

All our love! <3 

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