Let's chat about "Hit or Miss..."

Let’s chat about #HitOrMiss for a second... I personally think the whole “Hit or Miss” thing in Pageantry is a MISS. I think, as women, we should be lifting each other up, not tearing each other down. Sure, we are entitled to our own opinions, but why do some people (or other pageant companies) feel the need to intentionally create an opportunity for someone - or their choice of something - to be torn apart? As a pageant competitor, I understand the hours and hours that go into picking out the outfits and dresses that made me feel beautiful. And I have no doubt that every single competitor has done the same. And guess what? It’s a process to find what truly exemplifies the best version of yourself. The whole concept of hit or miss can hurt someone when they are in the middle of their journey and still learning.

Here, at #thebeyoutypageantrevolution, our mission is to create a positive and uplifting environment - especially for women, because Lord knows we are hard enough on ourselves without having a bunch of random people voicing their unsolicited advise about what a girl should wear or not wear. Girl, if you feel beautiful, wear it, rock it, own it. We support that. That is a HIT for us. You, owning your true and authentic beauty, that is a HIT for us. You growing and learning about the woman that God has called you to be, that is a HIT for us. We are about what’s on the inside AND the outside and having that shine YOUR brightest for YOUR journey. We are about the total package, not just pictures of pretty dresses or Being pageant patties. So when you are ready to be a part of something that uplifts you instead of allows others to degrade you, something that is about the whole you, your entire mission and message and the woman that you become in the process of pursuing (or after) the crown, you know where to find us 💋👑✨ #justkeepingitreal

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