See your future self - Journal "as if..."

journal as if you were the queen, pageant coach

Our brain doesn't know the difference between what's real and what's imagined.  We can use this knowledge of our amazing brain and trick it into working towards our future goals!  It's a fun exercise called "Journalling As If."  What this means, is that you get a piece of paper, a journal a notebook, whatever, and begin to write, as your future self, the things that you have accomplished!  This could be your future self as a title-holder, sharing about the things you did during your reign, the connections you made, the organizations or people you helped, how your reign brought your family closer, the money and/or awareness you were able to raise for your cause, anything!  The key is to write it as if it already happened, and then begin to work towards the things you wrote in your journal. 

It might sound something like this...

~I am so grateful for the opportunity to compete and be a finalist at Mrs. America!

~I am in awe of the amount of money I helped "this organization" raise with my fundraising efforts!

~I am so grateful for the opportunity to speak to that local school and share with kids about anti-bullying.

~I am so excited that my body looks and feels this amazing!

~I love that my family and I are working on this project together! It has brought us closer together, we helped 100 people in the community, and I feel so fulfilled!

Hopefully you get the point =)  I invite you to start this exercise and really allow your mind and heart to open up to the possibilities of what you want to accomplish, AS IF you were the title holder.  There are no wrong or right answers, just dream and begin to write!  You may be surprised at what unfolds, where you find your passion and message, and you will definitely gain clarity on what your message and mission will be when you receive the crown.

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