Paying for your Pageant Career - a lesson in Crowdfunding

Paying for a Pageant, for some, isn't necessarily in their yearly budget.  Most women, who are just getting started, haven't set aside money to pay for the expenses that come with Pageantry and that's ok.  This post is meant to share a resource that will allow you to keep the money your family and friends give to you instead of paying a crazy percentage to a website that helps you collect those funds.

pageant budgets and crowdfunding

For those of you who have never heard of "crowd-funding,"  it is a concept that has become popular over the last few years.  People who want to start new businesses use it, families who have gone through a health crisis and need extra funds for hospital bills use it, and pageant girls use it (and if you aren't and you need the funds, you should start)!

Crowd-funding basically allows a lot of people to give a little and when that happens, a good chunk of money can be collected.  Imagine needing $500 for your Pageant fees.  Well, what if 5 people gave $50 (equaling $250), 10 people gave $25 (equaling $200), and 10 people gave $5 (equaling $50)?  You would have your $500 because of the generosity and support (even if it's just $5) from a lot of people!  

The beauty of crowd-funding is that it also allows your community to come together and support you in your journey.  This become invaluable, as you prep for your pageant.  They become your biggest cheerleaders and feel like they have some ownership in your journey because they have contributed.

When it comes to ways to get your network involved in financially supporting you, there are multiple sites.  There are sites like and  BUT!!!! Before you checkout those sites, I want to point you in a better direction.  Those two sites are great and lots of people use them, but they take a BIG percentage of the money your friends and family give you. #saywhaaaaattttt

(insert scared emoji face)

The site I would recommend that you use instead of those two mentioned above is a site called

I used this site to help collect funds for my journey towards Mrs. Idaho as well as during my reign to help raise money for Nationals.  I chose them for a few reasons...

  • The percentage they take is WAY LESS than what the other crowd-funding sites take.  So the money my family and friends gave me got to go towards my expenses instead of to a website.
  • The customer service of the business is AMAZING. 
  • The site was easy to set up and it's very user friendly.
  • It's a local Idaho company, so yay for supporting local!

You can see the example of my site HERE

I hope the resource helps you get the word out about your competition and empowers your community to give what they can and support your journey!

Cheers beYOUtiful one! You are worth every penny =)