Releasing Limiting Beliefs that Hold You Back in your Pageant Journey towards the Crown

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The limiting beliefs that you are told your entire life shape everything that you do.   They are also a big key in the world of Pageantry.  Limiting self beliefs can include things like "I don't have enough time," or "I don't have enough money," or "I'm not smart enough to do that," “I’m not pretty enough,” or "I'm not good enough..." Somewhere in our life, within the framework of an emotional experience, we adopted beliefs like this. They affect everything we do in our life. They can even prevent us from seeing opportunities and reaching goals.

Thinking back, how many times have you said no to something because of a self limiting belief?  For me, saying “no” to pageantry for a year was because of limiting self beliefs.  I didn’t feel pretty enough and I didn’t think I had what it took.  I didn’t think I would fit in, I thought the girls would be catty, and I was afraid of failing.  All of these beliefs were because of past experiences in my life.

The beautiful thing about the growth environment of Pageantry is that, to be the best version of ourselves, we can’t go around these issues, we can’t hide them, stuff them, or ignore them.  We have to face them, head on.

It’s all a part of the process, so here we go.

One thing I've found that is helpful, is to identify the limiting beliefs in your life, and write them down. To do this, you have to ask yourself why things aren't working out. Where do you feel stuck or where do you feel a block when you really want to move forward?  Is it not purchasing a pageant coaching package or course because of the belief that you don’t have enough money? Is it that you don’t feel like you have done anything to deserve the crown because of something that happened in your past?  Do you compare yourself to the other women that will be standing on stage next to you and fall into the trap of not feeling good enough or pretty enough? 

Once you've defined your limiting beliefs, it's time to start releasing them so you can move forward and live out in a way that best supports the goals and dreams that you have, not only for your pageant journey, but for your life.

Let’s get to work:


You will have to play detective to follow your thoughts and emotions to discover your limiting beliefs. Write them down on a piece of paper and look at them. This can be somewhat hard, because it is usually an emotional experience that caused us to take on a certain belief. Spend some time noting how strong each of the beliefs is and what emotions they elicit from you.  What emotions surface?  Where did this belief stem from?  What story or life experience were you in where you took on this belief?  Becoming aware of them is the first step...


Once you have written them down, and you have become aware of those stories, next is reframing your brain to understand that these beliefs aren't a universal Truth.  There is a big difference between what may be true for you and what is a universal truth, so that’s what we are beginning to reframe.  Acknowledging that these are beliefs that have been adopted, and not universal truths is the hardest step in releasing your limiting beliefs. The beliefs you've held your entire life, seem like there are real. Even today, I still have a slight belief that women don’t like me because of experiences I had throughout my life.  This is a belief I constantly work on, because in my heart of hearts, I absolutely know that women are amazing, they love wholeheartedly, I get along great with women, and it is very powerful when we do come together, in sisterhood, for the greater good of the world.  This is a process for me, and it will be for you, but getting down to the root of where a belief came from is vital to you growing into your brightest and most beautiful self.  Understanding that these limiting beliefs are not set truths is fundamental. You have the choice to either continue to defend these limitations or let them go so you can begin reaching your goals. What story did this belief stem from? When is the first time you can remember “feeling that way” – this is usually the time that you began to take on that belief, and there are probably multiple instances that were similar and you adopted the belief even more. 


What universal truths can you replace the limiting beliefs with?  Instead of "I don't have enough money," replace that belief with the understanding that this world is an abundant place with countless resources, money is simply a measurement of energy (just like ounces is a measurement of water), and "I can begin to allow that energy to flow freely into my life and through my life for the service of others." Instead of falling into the trap of comparison, begin to see the unique beauty that is in each contestant, the strength within each of their stories, and more importantly, see that in yourself.  You are uniquely and beautifully and wonderfully made.  There is no one on the planet that is like you, that has the strengths that you do, that thinks like you do, and has your exact purpose.  You are here for a reason and it is specific to you – specific to you letting go of the beliefs that hold you back from owning that purpose and shining your light the brightest that it can shine. 

Using your imagination, you can consider different beliefs that are more in line with what you truly want out of your life and your pageant juorney. It might be something like, "Now that I've been in an unhealthy body, I now know what to look for in a healthy lifestyle to maintain a vibrant and beautiful body." The trick to making this work is going beyond merely saying it. You have to be able to feel how this new belief feels. Take a moment, close your eyes, imagine and truly feel what it would feel like to be healthy, vibrant, comfortable in your skin and clothes and on stage, or to have an abundance of financial resources. When you can do this, the first two steps will go a long way to dismantling your current limiting beliefs.  But remember, the key is to be able to see it and truly feel what it feels like to have whatever it is that you are desiring.


Doing things differently can be a little bit scary, but in order to release your old beliefs that have been limiting your potential, you have to act as if this new belief is true. You have to believe you are living in your healthiest body, so what choices should be made to have a healthy body?  You have to believe you have abundant financial resources, so taking actions (such as making conscious decisions on where you spend your current finances, as well as how you spend your time to create more financial abundance, or the connections you make to gain sponsorships), etc... If you avoid taking any steps toward your new belief, you will merely be feeding your old limiting belief and will continue to fail to reach the goals you set. This can sometimes feel like you are pushing a boulder uphill, because we are establishing new ways of thinking, acting and living.  The choices you made in the past (to eat unhealthy things, or to watch a netflix marathon instead of connecting with someone in your community or in the pageant) have gotten you to where you are now.  Making the conscious decision to DO something DIFFERENT than you have been doing before will get you a different result. Making even the smallest step will help to solidify your new beliefs and break up your old limiting ones.  It will take some time, perseverance, and determination (along with some sticky notes and reminders of the new beliefs you are adopting into your life), but it's possible.  

I invite you to practice this exercise with each limiting belief you desire to release and see how your life and your pageant journey changes over the next 30, 60 or 90 days!

If you are needing more help with things like this, consider COACHING with Charity and allow her to guide you through more exercises that will truly allow you to release your limiting beliefs and shine brighter than ever before...

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