The right heels for YOUR to Measure & know what height is best

awkward walking in heels

We've all seen her...the sweet girl clumsily walking down the street in her heels. It's painful to watch. The knees are bent, the shoes look like bricks on her feet, and you just want to take her precious hand and escort her to the nearest Nike store so she can get out of those heels stat. 

Now insert the Pageant nightmares where that girl is YOU - on stage - in front of everyone.


Well, there's good news for you, as you prepare to walk on stage. You don't have to look like that!

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Pin me and save me for later

Pin me and save me for later

As you look for shoes that are going to best fit an outfit (whether it is for your pageant interview, or your on stage competition), the height of the heel is key.  Now, most ladies tend to go out and get the tallest shoes that they can find because "the tall girls win Pageants" (or so the stereotype-kinda-people say). Well, I think that, no matter how tall or short you are, if you are awkward on stage because of your shoes, ain't nobody gonna give you the crown (insert sassy head sway). #saidinloveofcourse



The good news is that there is a way to actually measure which height of heel is right for you and your unique foot angle, so that when you choose your heel, you know it is going to be what's best for your foot and you know it will keep you out of the "awkward-baby-deer" walking category. The correct height of heel for your foot will also be more comfortable, while you stand for long periods of time and THIS can be a lifesaver!

Here's how to measure:

measuring high heel height

Sit in a chair, with good posture and extend your leg directly in front of you.  With your leg extended, allow your ankle and foot to fully relax.




measure high heel height

To measure the height of your perfect heel, draw an invisible straight line from your toe to where your heel ends. Then take a ruler or a tape measure and measure the distance between those two lines. The length of the line should also be your ideal high heel height.



After getting your measurement, then you can choose the appropriate heel for YOUR foot, verses choosing a shoe just because that's what other people are doing. Remember that this process is all about learning about yourself and getting the tools and knowledge that is best for YOU!When you do that, you will know that you can show up during your competition as your most authentic and best self, no matter what anyone else says.  And THAT, beYOUtiful one, is more POWERFUL than any crown.

Cheers to the most authentic and beYOUtiful YOU!