Your Interview Secret Weapon

We all know that a Pageant is won in the Interview.


But how? And who? And What is said?

how to prepare for and win a pageant interview

It's actually none of these.  It's not the how, the who or the what.  I believe that, to make an impression on the judges in the interview, you need to start with WHY.


What does that mean?  

I'm glad you asked.

It's how the great leaders, like Martin Luther King, speak.  It inspires the loyalty of an Apple user (vs. a PC or android user).  It's how our brain actually works, outside of language and it's where we create a visceral connection...the feeling, the connection. 

People will never remember what you say, but they will always remember the way you make the feel.  What if the judges could feel inspired by you and they adored you? Would it matter what you say? It didn't with me...and guess what? I said "brain fart" to one of my judges.  




Because it wasn't what I said (which this judge thought it was awesome that I actually said that, by the way), it was the way I made them feel. It was the way they felt about me when I left the room.  And when I entered the stage, they remembered that feeling.

I have been teaching this technique to a lot of women, and it drastically changes the languageing they use within interview, as well as how they structure their paperwork. It changes the way they answer their on-stage question, and how they write the little blurbs that are read by the emcee while they are on stage.  

This trick changes EVERYTHING.

Seven years ago, this concept was made popular in the business and leadership world, by Simon Sinek.  He has a TedTalk called "How Leaders Inspire Action - Start with WHY."  When I first heard it at a leadership and business conference, it changed everything about how I did business, how my website was, and how I networked with people.  Check out this video...

I brought this same concept into my preparation for Pageants, and continue to do so with other women as they prepare for their competition.  I have dug even deeper into this concept within my Online Coaching Course so if you want to unpack what your Why is, how to dial-up your message and your paperwork, then head on over to The Classroom... because THIS is the game-changer.

And Pageants are still won (or lost) in the Interview...

Keep shining beYOUtiful one!  You are here for "just a time as this..."