The most successful people get help from others who have achieved what they want to achieve. 

Hiring a Coach can give you the strategy, insight, and short cut to getting the results you want.

The journey of Pageantry is about so much more than the crown. It's about the woman you become in the process so you can handle the weight and responsibility that comes with the crown. It's also about utilizing your reign to the best of your ability - growing your influence, leadership, community involvement, your brand, potential financial opportunities, speaking opportunities, bettering your network, the legacy you will be leaving, and more.

If you are considering applying for coaching, please read the below paragraphs to see if you are a "fit" for our coaching.

My Ideal Client

My ideal client is someone who finds themselves with a burning desire to change the world. They believe they can and want to use the platform of Pageantry to increase their influence, their impact, their brand, their network, and their message. 

They have a desire to "do the work" when it comes to growing themselves, learning about their strengths, and applying themselves to the coaching strategies.

My clients are "in for the long-haul" and understand that they must be "all in" and committed to homework assignments, completing their work, and maintaining honest and open communication, no matter what. No Excuses.

Who is not right for this coaching

This coaching is not for those who are looking for coaching sponsorship of any kind. You must be willing and able to significantly invest in yourself. People who are seeking sponsorship tend to not do the work because they are more worried about their finances and how pageantry is a financial burden rather than the understanding that Pageantry is an amazing "growth environment" where you will grow into the best version of yourself, which positively effects every area of their lives. 

If you fall within this category, that's ok. I suggest you do the following:

1. Get some money coming in by getting a part time job, other sponsorships from family, friends, and/or businesses in your hometown (see my blog post about this topic), and when you can afford coaching, you are always invited to return and apply. 

2. Bookmark this website as well as my YouTube Channel.  The Blog, this website, our Facebook, Instagram and Youtube Channel have great FREE Resources that you can utilize in the meantime. If you can afford small investments, I encourage you to look at our Online Pageant Prep Academy.  It has amazing information that will help you prepare for your competition at an affordable price! If you are interested in SHARING our Online Course, you can earn referral income. Information is within the course, so head over to The Classroom, purchase the program, and go to the "fundraising" tab within the course to learn about how you can earn commission by sharing our online course with your pageant connections.

3. Complainers, Negative Nancy's, eternal skeptics, whiners, or people who constantly make excuses for not getting their work done. 

I ask this because coaching is an investment, and if we aren't going to work well together, I wouldn't want you to waste your time or money. I care about you too much for that, and there is probably a better fit with a different coach so I encourage you to seek them out.  This is about you and your journey in Pageantry.


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